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Artist Call – Cat Walk Public Art Installation

This RFP solicits proposals for the Town’s Cat Walk art project. The Cat Walk is an art installation proposed for Downtown Los Gatos, initially oriented along Santa Cruz Avenue. The proposed project would celebrate the Town’s namesake through a creative and integrated display of 3-Dimensional cats in Downtown trees.

One to two artists will be selected to create a total of 10 to 15 sculptural cats, likely to be placed in the nooks of the larger trees (Crepe Myrtle, London Plains, Holly Oaks and Melaleuca trees) along either side of Santa Cruz Avenue between Main St. and Bachman. The selected cat art sculptures will be considered a donation or acquisition from the artists and the Town has right of placement and removal at the Town’s discretion.

The cats’ condition, maintenance issues, and artistic effectiveness will be assessed after one year to determine if the Cat Walk should be expanded to a broader geographic area in the Downtown.

Deadline: 11-15-2013
Town of Los Gatos
Los Gatos, CA

Contact Information
Contact: Christina Gilmore
Phone: 408.354.6822

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