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Artist Call – B*tch Fest

Theme: “es mi lucha” (English translation: it’s my struggle)

If you’re awake and breathing, you know there’s a war waging against our (female) gender. Has been for 10,000 years or longer. From the atrocities of various (and perpetual) war zones, to the workplace, courtrooms, behind closed doors, and even congress, women aren’t treated with or given the dignity and equanimity they deserve.

B*tch Fest will provide a platform for those artists courageous enough to confront these social justice issues. There is plenty to bitch about. Come share your struggle with us.

Submission fee: $12.50

Exhibit Location:
5683 York Blvd, Los Angeles CA, 90042

Send up to 5 images, CV and statement In the subject line, please state “B*tch Fest”

-2D (no larger than 7 feet in any direction or weight more than 50 lbs.)
-Small 3D works (sculpture, pottery, etc) must come with shelf or pedestals.
-All art MUST be gallery ready. Art not complying with this will be rejected. No exceptions.
-No glass in frames.
-No wet canvasses.
-Artist is responsible for insuring work, however we will do our best to handle your work with the greatest of care.
-Sign and return agreement.
-Sign and Return The Riot Act
-Art to be installed first week of the month and must be removed by end of working day of last day of month.
-Suggested donation of 20% back to the Haggus Society for all sales, in lieu of commission.
-Haggus Society members in good standing ALWAYS submit for free.

Opening receptions dovetail with Second Saturday Art Walk. Participating local artists are strongly encouraged to attend Second Saturday Art Walk, or provide a docent (aka, gallery sitter). Hours are 6 pm until 10 pm.

Send comments or questions to:

Deadline: 06-01-2014
The Haggus Society
Los Angeles, CA

Terri Lloyd

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