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Artist Call- Artist to Create Distinctive Artwork for Rosie’s Dog Beach

The Arts Council for Long Beach in collaboration with the City of Long Beach, Parks, Recreation and Marine seeks a public artist, or artist team, to create a distinctive artwork for Rosie’s Dog Beach. The artwork will help brand a unique identity for the ever-popular off-leash dog beach. Rosie’s Dog Beach celebrates dog lovers everywhere in this unique and strongly artistic paradise on the beach for all dogs to run and play.

Rosie’s Dog Beach

History was made when, for the first time in more than 30 years, dogs were permitted to play on a Long Beach city beach on Sunday, June 24, 2001.

In order to both comply and defy existing ordinances banning unleashed dogs, the city allowed some K-9 freedom on the beach in what was called a “special event” to qualify for the one-time status. Local resident Justin Rudd and his bulldog Rosie organized and hosted that special event; and, the next 20 or so monthly, Sunday dog beach special events that continued successfully through the summer of 2003. Then, after a 15-month Rudd-led pilot program, daily beach off-leash access began in August 2003 and ended October 31, 2004, when the Long Beach City Council unanimously approved the permanent Dog Beach Zone. This beach area was officially renamed “Rosie’s Dog Beach” on August 3, 2010, to honor the life of Rosie the Bulldog, the dog who inspired this canine wonderland. It remains the only off-leash dog beach in Los Angeles County.

Site Description

Rosie’s Dog Beach is Located on Ocean Boulevard, between Roycroft and Argonne. The length of the Dog Zone is about 1,200 feet. The depth of the Zone depends on the tide, but is about 200-feet. The area for the artwork is along the 1,200 feet on Ocean Boulevard. Hours of operation are 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day.

*Site visits are highly recommended. Please visit the City of Long Beach website for more detailed information regarding the specifics of Rosie’s Dog Beach.

Scope of the Work

The Arts Council for Long Beach is seeking to commission artistic enhancements and/or a site-specific artwork that is lively, playful and fun for Rosie’s Dog Beach, in the City of Long Beach. To accomplish this goal, the Arts Council for Long Beach will commission public artists/art teams with public art experience to enhance the aesthetic features of Rosie’s Dog Beach through the addition of sculptural elements, the embellishment of existing elements, and/or the development and incorporation of site-specific artworks.

Art Work Budget

A budget of $30,000 has been established inclusive of artist fees and all costs associated with the design, fabrication and installation of the artwork(s).

Artist Eligibility

This is an open call to all interested, professional artists/art teams residing in Southern California. Artists who reside in Long Beach are especially encouraged to apply. . Applicants applying as a team must have worked together on prior projects and all applicants must have public art experience. Selected artists must be available for meetings in the Long Beach area.

Artist Services Requested

The selected artist(s) will receive a professional services contract to provide art design services.
The artist’s scope of work will be to serve as a full member of the overall project design team to create a refined, integrated artwork proposal. Specific work will include the following tasks:

-Gather relevant information about the physical, social and cultural context of the project.
-Attend project design team meetings and presentations necessary to develop all phases
of the integrated public art component(s).
-The selected artist(s), in coordination with the project committee, must work within the
construction timeframe. Installation of the artwork may need to take place during off hours to minimize the disruption of the park.
-Designed artwork(s) must be durable, permanent, low maintenance and in
compliance with ADA guidelines;
-The artwork must be able to withstand the harsh oceanfront environment
-Prepare verbal, written and visual presentations to show artwork proposal to community stakeholders and project committee.

Presentations will include:

-A written description of the content, scale, location, context, relationship of components, and materials of the proposed artwork(s);
-materials samples;
-depictions of the proposed artworks(s) in the form of to-scale drawings accompanied by either three-dimensional renderings or three dimensional models;
-cost estimates for fabrication and installation;
-proposed fabrication and installation methods;
-cost estimates for annual maintenance and operating expenses; and,
maintenance instructions.

Selected artists/artist teams will be required to carry liability insurance, which meets the standard specifications established by the City of Long Beach

Selection Process

The Arts Council for Long Beach, the City of Long Beach, Parks, Recreation and Marine all strive to make the selection process as fair, transparent, and impartial as possible. Every reasonable effort will be made to follow the guidelines for best practices in artist selection established nationally by Americans for the Arts through the Public Art Network.

Selection Panel

A selection panel comprised of representatives from Parks, Recreation and Marine, the Arts Council, the Advisory Committee for Public Art and PAWS will review the submissions. The criteria for evaluating initial submissions will be based upon the following criteria:

-Appropriateness of artwork medium and concepts as they relate to the project site and location.
-Aesthetic merits and creativity as evidenced in the artwork concept.
-Feasibility of artwork in terms of the project site, public right of way, project budget, fabrication, and design.
-Record of artistic achievement as evidenced by resume and portfolio.
-Experience in design, fabrication, and installation of artwork.
-Experience collaborating with architects and other design professionals, fabricators, or general contractors.

Tentative Schedule

-RFP Release Date: June 1, 2013
-RFP Deadline: July 1, 2013
-Panel Review selects final artists to interview: July 8, 2013
-Finalists are notified for interviews: July 9, 2013
-Finalists are interviewed, and the artist selection panel reviews concept proposal materials and selects artist / art teams to develop project: July 12, 2013
-Finalist enters into contract with Arts Council for Long Beach. and begins project on July 15, 2013
-Final Design due: August 15, 2013
-Installation of artwork: end-November 2013


-The following materials must be received by Monday, July 1, 2013 at 5:00pm PST. Applications will be accepted on a CD-ROM or thumb drive. All application materials should be either PDF format or Word documents and images should be in jpeg format as detailed below. Do not send originals and/or materials not specifically requested.1. Narrative Concept Proposal (Limit 2 pages)Submit a full proposal including a letter of interest defining your project concept for the proposed site. Describe in complete detail your approach to the site-specific artwork that would spark public interest in Rosie’s Dog Beach. Also describe the materials you propose to use, fabrication process, site plan and estimated size of the project.
-Resume (Limit 3 pages)
-Include your name, mailing address, telephone number(s), email and webpage (if applicable), resume and the resume of anyone on your team. Include your public art experience detailing completed projects, locations, budget and commissioning agency.
-Include two professional references; name, mailing address, telephone number(s), email and webpage (if applicable), and relationship to reference
-Submit digital images on a CD-ROM or thumb drive in JPEG format, PC compatible, no larger than 1920 x 1920 pixel resolution (do not compress your files); Each image must be unlocked and downloadable. Label each image with the artist’s name and number, which corresponds to the annotated image list. For example 001JaneJones, 002JaneJones, etc.
-Submit five to ten (5-10) images of your proposal concept (including schematic drawings of the project). Submit up to ten (10) images of your past work in jpeg form
-Annotated Image List

Submit a document listing each image in sequence including:

-Medium and dimensions
-Title, date and location of artwork
-Commissioning Agency
-Very brief project description (100 words or less)


Application materials must be received at or before 5:00pm, Pacific Standard Time (PST) on July 1, 2013. Any applications materials received after the date and time specified above will be considered rejected and considered non-responsive. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Please submit materials to the address listed below
Mail or hand deliver submissions to:
Arts Council for Long Beach
350 Elm Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90802

Deadline: 07-01-2013
Arts Council for Long Beach
Long Beach, CA

Contact: Harry Sumako

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