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Artist Call – Art Bike Racks RFP

The Modesto Art Museum invites California artists, architects, engineers, designers, fabricators, and
others to design and produce functional art bicycle racks to be located in the Modesto Design District.
Three different racks will be selected. The project is in partnership with the City of Modesto and is
funded by a grant from ArtPlace America. At least one of the three bike racks will be placed along the
Modesto Cruise Route made famous in American Graffiti by George Lucas. Rack designs can be inspired
by the cruise route or the design district, a place of cutting edge contemporary design.

Each of three selected artists/designers will receive a fee of $3000 to create a unique functional bicycle
rack. This fee will cover the costs for design, fabrication, finishing, insurance, and transportation of the
completed rack to the installation site.

• Finish must be galvanized steel, either raw and/or powder coated; aluminum; or stainless steel. No
other finishes, including hand painted finishes, will be accepted.
• Anti rust and anti graffiti issues must be addressed.
• There should be space for a minimum of two bicycles per rack and a maximum of six.
• The rack should support each bicycle in at least two places, including one wheel.
• The rack must allow for ease of locking using a common “U” lock or longer cable lock.
• Each bicycle parking space must be easily accessible without moving another bicycle.
• Base plates should be a minimum of 3/8” thick steel with the ability to be bolted to a concrete pad in
four places.
• Use of recycled and/or repurposed materials is encouraged.
• All bicycle rack designs must adhere to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for protrusions
in the right-of-way including the ability to detect the rack with a white cane and be child safe.
• The top of the bicycle rack design must be a minimum of 36” tall. Except for the bicycle rack
supporting brackets, the shortest section of the bicycle rack must be a minimum of 27” tall enough to be
perceived by pedestrians and avoid tripping hazards.
• The design must not include sharp edges.

How to Apply
Artists, architects, engineers, fabricators, designers, and others 18 years of age and older who are
current residents of California are invited to submit proposals. Those new to the public art process are
encouraged to apply. Please submit the following for consideration:

1. Letter of Interest – In one page, summarize your qualifications and qualities relevant to the project.
2. Project Description – In one page, please describe your project, including what types of materials you
will use to implement your design. No more than 2 pages of drawings should be submitted as either jpeg
or pdf files.
3. Professional Resume – Please outline your experience as an artist, designer, fabricator, etc. (no longer
than two pages). The resume should include all relevant contact information, references, and your web
site if applicable. Please include a copy of your business license.
4. Digital images of at least two completed installation or sculptural works – JPEG images (3 to 6 images
total) should be submitted. Images should have maximum dimensions of 800 x 600 pixels and minimum
dimensions of 720 x 480 pixels. Images should be labeled as follows: LastnameFirstname1.jpg;
LastnameFirstname2.jpg; LastnameFirstname3.jpg; etc.

Proposal materials must be submitted electronically no later than 5:00pm on February 28, 2014.
To submit electronically, all required documentation should be either pdf, Word, or jpeg files submitted
as a .zip file. No other forms of electronic submission will be accepted.

Deadline: 02-28-2014
Modesto Art Museum
Modesto, CA

Contact: Bob Barzan

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