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ARTIST CALL: Art and Technology Piece at The Tech Museum in San Jose, CA

Request for Proposal:


The Tech Museum in San Jose CA ( is hosting an open Request for Proposals (RFP) for a a unique, long term, art and technology-based installation. Piece will open with the Zero1 Biennial in September 2012.


Proposal Deadline:


Monday, April 9, 2012
Noon PST


Project Description:


The Tech Museum seeks to commission a unique, long-term, art and technology-based installation. Piece will open with the Zero1 Biennial in September 2012.


The installation should have an “art and technology” emphasis and ideally be described as embodied, interactive, sociable, and tangible. Piece should be relevant to The Tech Museum’s mission to “inspire the innovator in everyone.”


For this particular piece, big is better than small. Tangible is better than virtual. Multi-sensory is better than single-sense. Motion is better than static. Muti-participant is better than single-participant. Consider how the piece can be interactive and responsive.


The actual placement for the piece has not been determined, so consider that it should function in a variety of indoor settings. Sculptural pieces may be a good fit. Consider an “in the round” approach, potentially allowing the piece to be viewed or interacted with from all sides. It should “inspire the innovator in everyone” through a sense of delight and wonder that is emotional.


Additional Details:


* Approximate footprint: 10 feet x 10 feet (3 meters x 3 meters).
* Fabrication is expected to be completed by The Tech Museum with supporting contractors.
* An exception to this would be made for pieces or components which can only be fabricated with the the contributing artist’s sole expertise.
* The mission of The Tech Museum is to “inspire the innovator in everyone.”
* The theme of the Zero1 2012 Biennial is “Seeking Silicon Valley”.




Project should be feasibly constructed with a fabrication budget of approximately $25k USD.
A separate commission for the contributing artist will be negotiated.


How to submit a Proposal:


1. Go to, create an account, and submit a Project in response to this Request. Note: Do not include your commission range in your posted Proposal – we will contact you directly.
2. If this is not possible for some reason, or if you do not wish to post your proposal online, then email your proposal to


* Do not wait until the deadline, as decision may be made much earlier than the deadline.
* Questions?:
* On Twitter:
* On LinkedIn:


About The Tech Museum


The Tech Museum is a hands-on technology and science museum for people of all ages and backgrounds. The museum – located in the Capital of Silicon Valley – is a non-profit learning resource established to engage people in exploring and experiencing technologies affecting their lives. Through programs such as The Tech Challenge presented by Cisco, our annual team design competition for youth, and internationally renowned programs such as The Tech Awards presented by Applied Materials, Inc., The Tech Museum celebrates the present and encourages the development of innovative ideas for a more promising future (


About the ZERO1 Biennial


The ZERO1 Biennial, distributed throughout Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area, is North America’s most significant showcase of work at the nexus of art and technology. Through exhibitions, public art, performances, and speaker events the ZERO1 Biennial presents work by a global community of innovative artists who are reshaping contemporary culture. In 2012, opening events take place September 12-16, 2012 and feature a nighttime street festival in downtown San Jose’s SoFA District on Friday, September 14th (


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