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ART on BART: Call for Submissions

For SF Bay Area artists

Attention all Bay Area artists!

To celebrate the launch of WanderArt’s app and public art database, we’re replacing all the ads in 20 BART cars with art, creating a moving gallery that’ll reach upwards of 700,000 people – and we want to feature your work!

We’ve already secured the ad space for the month of February, so from February 2 – March 2, your art could be greeting hundreds of thousands of Bay Area visitors and commuters. Our app records people’s reflections on art while it’s in front of them, so you’ll also be able to get real-time feedback from the public while your art zooms around the Bay.

Since we’re a startup, we’re funding the campaign through Kickstarter, so we’re looking for visual artists who don’t mind doing things a bit differently:

What We’ll Need
-Your permission to print and sell postcards, posters and prints for the Kickstarter campaign.
-You! At the ART on BART launch party (either Feb. 8th or Feb. 15th) to share the story behind your work.

What You’ll Get
-70% of your original artwork’s sale (via Kickstarter but you name the price).
-Unprecedented reach to the Bay Area population on BART, including a link to your website on the advertisement!

Interested? Send high-res images of up to five artworks and a little about yourself to by December 23rd. Sorry, Bay Area artists only!

Questions? Email me at

About WanderArt:

We’re an art startup that’s documenting all the art outside in San Francisco so we can turn it into an app and help people find it. Once our app is live in February, anyone anywhere will be able to track the art around them and we’ll be on our way to wandering art the world over.

Deadline: 12-23-2013
San Francisco, CA

Contact: Lindsey Davis

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