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Art Of Toys CFP

Art Of Toys is an online gallery and a gallery space inside Sacramento Art Complex. We feature art that is in the form of toys or art that is created with toys. We are looking for artists!! We are in the process of setting up future show calendar and events. Artwork should be submitted to

All submissions should include:

-digital image

-short description of work including materials used

-if it is a working toy or art piece

-price the artist requires for payment


-if a collection of work is available and its size

-do you have a current collector base

-artist statement or bio

Artists will be notified of acceptance of their work in writing within 30 days of electronic submission. Please check out website to get an better idea of art featured – Quality of execution is important. Prefer one of a kind pieces. Not interested in vinyl art since there are so many other galleries that focus on this media already.

Deadline: 08-19-2011
Art Of Toys
Sacramento, CA

Contact: Terri Rehg
Phone: (916) 446-0673

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