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Art, Design & Architecture Museum, UCSB Fall 2014 Exhibitions Begin September 12th

A week from today our Fall 2014 Exhibitions will open to the public!

Regular hours will resume on September 12th, 2014 and our opening reception will take place on Thursday, October 2, 2014; 5:30-7:30pm. Below please find information regarding our new exhibitions, or see the attached Museum Calendar.

Barton Myers: Works of Architecture and Urbanism
On view: September 12–December 12, 2014

With works as varied as a Vidal Sassoon Salon from 1968, the U.S. Pavilion at Expo 92 in Seville, Spain in 1992, and his steel houses, this exhibition will present an overview of almost fifty years of architecture. Barton Myers first attracted attention in the late 1960s for his civic buildings and urban projects in Canada. He returned to the United States in 1984 to open a Los Angeles office and became known for his performing arts centers, campus buildings, and steel houses among other projects.

Barton Myers: Works of Architecture and Urbanism begins with student designs and early works and covers the wide variety of architecture and planning by Myers as part of the firm A. J. Diamond and Barton Myers in Toronto (1967-1975) and through his own office, Barton Myers Associates (1975 to the present) in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. Civic and commercial buildings; theaters; and single- and multi-family housing, including his steel houses and urban infill projects, while varied in type, all share Myers’ concern for history and context. Individual buildings, including his adaptive reuse of historic structures, and his urban planning schemes show Myers to be a committed urbanist and a modernist who embraces the past as well as technology and change. Works dating from 1964 through 2014 will be shown in drawings, photographs, and models.

Artist-in-Residence: Eric Beltz, The Cave of Treasures
On view: September 12, 2014–May 1, 2015

As the 2014 Artist-in-Residence, Eric Beltz will present an ambitious new project, The Cave of Treasures, a dramatic departure for the artist who is known for his intimately scaled, highly-detailed graphite drawings. The title refers to three recurring themes in Beltz’s work that are commonly understood as harmful– Medusa, poison oak, and the swastika– and is rooted in the artist’s academic research into legends, tragedies, misinterpretations, and evolutions of iconography surrounding mythological figures, plants, and symbols. These interests manifest in a seventeen-foot wall drawing, a silver drawing on black paper, and a wood and concrete sculpture containing live plants. Collectively, they serve as a meditative interpretation of nature, fear, seduction, and repulsion. The Cave of Treasures is Beltz’s first solo Museum exhibition and represents the ten-year anniversary of the artist’s graduation from UC Santa Barbara.

Bollywood 101: The Visual Culture of Bollywood Film Posters
On view: September 12–December 12, 2014

The Indian film industry, or Bollywood, is the world’s largest producer of films, releasing more than one thousand films a year. These films display a spectacular blend of romance, melodrama, fantasy, song, and dance extravaganza. This exhibition explores the history of Bollywood posters and their influence on popular culture, religion, and art. Showcased alongside the film posters are prints, calendars, images of temples dedicated to Bollywood film stars, as well as wedding posters, and other appropriations both personal and commercial. Along with the exhibition, a Bollywood film screening, and a symposium will also be held.

Surface: The Handcrafted Object
On view: September 12–December 12, 2014

This exhibition brings together handcrafted sculptures that highlight the enduring appeal of objects that emphasize process and materials. These works demonstrate the primary role of the artist in every aspect of their production, from conception through execution. Will Simons, CCS ‘09, approaches the material as an artist, using his own practice and aesthetic as his curatorial inspiration. He has also considered the University’s celebrated ceramics and foundry programs, no longer extant, which fostered the use of many traditional techniques in innovative ways. Artists in the exhibition include some of the former UCSB faculty and students such as Rollin Fortier, Yoshiro Ikeda, Sheldon Kaganoff, Robert Thomas and others, as well as such internationally known artists as: Robert Arneson, Magdalene Odundo, George Rickey and Beatrice Wood.

Observations: Travel Sketches from the Architecture and Design Collection
On view: September 12–December 12, 2014

Observations: Travel Sketches from the Architecture and Design Collection complements the Barton Myers exhibition and includes sketches by Myers, J. R. Davidson, Maynard Lyndon, Jock Peters, Lutah Maria Riggs, and R. M. Schindler. This exhibition offers a glimpse into the creative minds of architects through their personal drawings documenting famous and obscure regional architecture.

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