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Art Career Day Conference 2014 at Santa Barbara City College

The 4th annual

Date: April 26, 2014 11am-5pm

Location: Fe Bland Forum, Santa Barbara City College

It is a free conference with over 40 professional artists who will give talks, roundtable discussions and individual chats with teens thru young adults.


The 4th annual Art Career Day Conference (ACDC) is almost here! It will be held Saturday, April 26th, 11am to 5pm, at Santa Barbara City College, Fe Bland Forum. Art Without Limits, in collaboration with the SB Bowl, SBCC, SB County Arts Commission, along with 8 other Santa Barbara based organizations and individuals, present a free conference, providing teens and young adults, (ages 13 to 25,) an opportunity to learn from and interact with professional artists, art educators and business professionals.

The speakers, present different topics addressing how to become successful artists are:

Rod Lathim – 2014 ACDC Emcee

John Daly – 2014 ACDC Keynote Speaker. The Key to Manifesting Your Dreams

Julia McHugh – Promoting Your Art

Jeff Shelton – Architecture Outside The Box

Louise McKaig – Getting What You Want

Juniko Moody & Mark Sawicki – Animation Today

Julie McLeod – Mentorship and Guidance

Attendees may also choose 3 out of 15 breakout sessions in various art disciplines, including: theater, dance, film, animation, poetry, prose, fashion design, sculpture, visual arts, graphic arts, galleries & museums, journalism, photography and more!

The conference will include a performance by 2014 Teen Star, Mary-Grace Langhorne, a dance choreographed by Cecily Stewart for her new educational outreach program “Library Dances,” and a complimentary lunch.

ACDC empowers young artists with the knowledge of how to create a viable career. Emerging artists are introduced to the local art community to foster support, guidance and maybe a mentorship. The professional artists care about our future artists.

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