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Anuradha Vikram: Damaso Reyes: The Europeans

Anuradha Vikram (UC Berkeley): $1,000 for Damaso Reyes: The Europeans. Co-Sponsorship

Damaso Reyes: The Europeans presents photographs from the artist and photojournalist’s investigation of the growth of European Pentecostalism led by immigrants from former European colonies. Reporting from Spain, England and Ukraine, Reyes examines how Charismatic faiths are growing among native and immigrant populations alike, while traditional European Christian religious observance continues to decline. This project is a facet of his larger body of work, “The Europeans,” which seeks to document through photographs the changes Europe and its people are experiencing as the European Union expands and integrates. The Brooklyn-born, Dominican-American artist is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. This exhibitions is co-sponsored by Religious Studies, International & Area Studies, Journalism, the Department of Ethnic Studies and the Program in Comparative Ethnic Studies, and the Department of Spanish & Portuguese at UC Berkeley.

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