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Angela Penaredondo: Investigating Kinetic Identity through Poetry

Angela Penaredondo (UC Riverside): $2,500 for Investigating Kinetic Identity through Poetry. Graduate Arts Grants

This project explores the investigation of post-colonial subjectivity and how it is affected by travel, place and cross-cultural exchange. Angela Penaredondo enters her work through a neorealist lens, exploring the subaltern figure and embracing the unmappable and intertextualized components in a poem. Thus, her aesthetics are nonlinear, multi-angular and against the grain of everyday America-a fluid and kinetic poetics. She creatively examines alienation and isolation then releases them. Her poetry is inclusive and transnational, while her poems include poetic travel narratives and poems influenced by contemporary visual arts, music and film. As part of her project, she will attend two distinguished and international programs (Disquiet International Literary Program and the Sao Francisco de Mertola Artist-In-Residence Program), whose main objective is the study and exploration of these concepts and ideas.

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