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Andrea del Moral: Capay Valley Civic Theatre Forums

Andrea del Moral (UC Davis): $1,000 for Capay Valley Civic Theatre Forums. Graduate Arts Grants

The Capay Valley Civic Theatre Forums of north-central CA will be followed by a public performance drawn from the forums. Each 3-hour forum is a mixed-level theatre workshop, developing simple movement and sound warm-ups into games that build trust and imagination. Activities guide participants to structure their experience into powerful stories told in image, sounds, spatial relationship, and words. Forums will convene in three distinct areas of the valley, calling for participation of different groups, such as youth, Spanish-speaking residents, and the Wintun tribe. The project also functions as two kinds of research: 1) Andrea del Moral’s ongoing inquiry: how theatre can mobilize community aspirations, existing skills and resources, local needs, and the tapestry of identities that weave throughout a place. 2) source material for the Capay Valley Cultural Atlas to develop into more enduring and multi-media forms.

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