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Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. to Visit UCSB

Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. will visit the UCSB campus February 8th through 10th as a part of UCIRA funded project JUSTICE: RESEARCH. TEXT. IMAGE, an interdisciplinary collaboration between three classes on the topic of justice. Kennedy’s visit will include a public lecture and two days of working in the Art Department Printing Studio.

Amos Kennedy calls himself “a humble negro printer”. A computer programmer before being captivated by printing and the book arts, Kennedy has held positions as professor, director of a press, exhibition curator, lecturer, and visiting artist. His press, York Show Prints, is based in Alabama, but he lectures and teaches all over the United States and Europe.

Amos Kennedy’s prints and books make an impact through their artistic qualities, their graphic images, and their powerful printed messages. He is dedicated to the preservation of African-American culture through the medium of his art; his prints and books intentionally provoke strong emotions. Kennedy’s art passionately addresses the issues of race, equality and freedom. One example is the series Fourteen Quotes From Rosa Louise Parks, civil rights activist, which presents Ms. Parks statements using richly overlaid colors with each quote on an individual print.

Kennedy’s pledge to ‘Put the Message in the Hands of the People and Move On!’ typifies his desire to spread the word, whether it’s a political or social statement or a proverb. Getting his message to the people is reflected in the prices of his prints that allow many to buy them. He has often worked in gallery settings and has encouraged visitors to pull a print themselves. He is outspoken, full of laughter, energy, and is brimming with ideas. The UCSB Library has been collecting Kennedy’s work since 2002 and is pleased to be a sponsor of the interdisciplinary JUSTICE program. A small sample of the library’s collection is on display in the central hallway of Davidson Library, near the main elevators.

Amos Paul Kennedy’s UCSB schedule:
Wednesday, February 8th: Public Lecture, Theater Dance—West, Room 1701 5 pm
Thursday and Friday, February 9th and 10th: Work in the Art Dept. Print Lab, Building 479 (“Old Gym”), 9am-5pm

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(photo courtesy Longwood University)

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