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American Dance Abroad

American Dance Abroad is pleased to announce the launch of a series of programs to strengthen the export of American dance. With a two-year grant of $175,000 from the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, American Dance Abroad will focus on expanding global visibility of American dance artists, encouraging relationship building between American dance artists and their international counterparts, and facilitating opportunities for international presenters/programmers to see American dance in live performance.

Co-Directors Carolelinda Dickey and Andrea Snyder are spearheading American Dance Abroad. The priorities and strategies of American Dance Abroad were identified during a multi-year research project concluded in 2010 and funded by the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation that investigated the global challenges facing America’s choreographers and dance companies. The research evaluated the work and effort that foreign governments and NGOs employ to support the artistic and economic development of their national artists. Conversely, the research explored with American dance artists and organizations their needs, interests and capacities to engage successfully in international cultural exchange. According to Snyder, “The work we undertook highlighted the glaring trade imbalance that exists between the U.S. and the rest of the world with regard to equitable cultural exchange for our artists.” American artists identified the need to gain access and information about opportunities to work abroad as well as to obtain tools to help them understand the international global market. The research also confirmed what many in the field already knew – that foreign programs have little knowledge of American dance and even less access to see it. The report, Dance America: An International Strategy for American Dance, was published under the auspices of Dance/USA in 2010.

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