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Alliance for California Traditional Arts Announces New Guidelines for Grant Programs

Deadline: July 16th, 2012

The Alliance for California Traditional Arts has announced new guidelines for its Apprenticeship Program, Living Cultures Grants Program, and Traditional Arts Development Program in support of the state’s folk and traditional arts practitioners and programs.

Folk and traditional arts are those art forms that are learned as part of the cultural life of a group of people whose members share a common heritage, language, religion, occupation, or region.

The ACTA Apprenticeship Program encourages the continuation of the state’s traditional arts and cultures by contracting master artists to offer intensive, one-on-one training to qualified apprentices. A master artist is someone who is recognized as an exemplary practitioner of a traditional art form by his or her community and peers. Prospective apprentices should demonstrate investment and developed skill in the specific art form they wish to continue learning. The master artist and apprentice must apply together. Each $3,000 contract will support a six- to twelve-month period of concentrated learning. (Deadline: July 16, 2012)

The ACTA Living Cultures Grants Program funds nonprofit organizations as well as organizations that work with fiscal sponsors to support exemplary projects in the traditional arts in California. Examples of eligible projects include public presentations; workshops and gatherings; equipment and materials purchases; conservation, creation, or acquisition of traditional arts items; intergenerational classes or other educational programs within a community; documentation of traditional arts, skills, ceremonies, beliefs, or performances; media, Web, and print publications; professional and leadership development; and endangered language acquisition projects when carried out within the context of traditional art forms. Preference will be given to applicants with organizational budgets under $1 million. Grant awards are generally limited to $5,000. A small number of grants of up to $7,500 are awarded to projects that demonstrate significant impact on a particular cultural tradition. Approximately fifty-five to sixty grants will be made in this funding cycle. (Deadline: July 16, 2012)

The ACTA Traditional Arts Development Program makes contracts of up to $1,500 to support consultancies, mentorships, and travel opportunities that foster a new level of growth for individual folk and traditional artists and organizations engaged in the field in California. Requested services may be focused on organizational, program, and/or artistic development goals. Individual artists and cultural practitioners as well as organizations, whether incorporated or not, may apply. (Deadline: Ongoing as funds are available. Please allow thirty days for staff to review and respond to an application.)

Complete program guidelines and application instructions and forms are available in English and Spanish at the ACTA Web site.

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