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AileyCamp Final Performance

Important Dates

June 27 First Day of AileyCamp
July 4 Holiday — Closed (Independence Day)
August 4 End of Camp Performance, 7 pm, Zellerbach Hall
August 5 End of Camp Graduation and Celebration

Theme: Transitions

Our universe seems to operate on the model of creation and change. Whether it is quick or slow, transition from one state to the other is always in play.

Youths 11 to 14 years old are the very definition of transition. Right before your eyes they change from children to young adults. Sometimes imperceptibly, and sometimes in what seems like an instant.

Consider stepping on stage to perform for the very first time…a huge transition, filled with a thousand more subtle ones. Consider being at a new school and someone extends their hand to welcome you…a small transition with tremendous impact. Every moment, every thought and action can be considered in this way. Sometimes, it’s enough to consider just one.

This summer the Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp staff and AileyCampers will explore idea of transitions in obvious and not so obvious ways; asking what are transitions, what do are they mean, how do they manifest themselves in our daily lives, and how can we successfully navigate those transitions? I hope you will be able to attend our final performance in Zellerbach Hall Auditorium on August 4 to see how these questions get answered, and to experience firsthand, Transitions.

Final Performance

Cal Performances invites you to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp at its culminating performance:

Thursday, August 4, 2011
7 pm
Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley Campus
Bancroft Way at Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley

Tickets to the performance are free, and are available to the public beginning Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at the Cal Performances Box Office. Limit 4 tickets per person, and must be picked up in person at the box office.

Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp Staff
David W. McCauley Director
Rica B. Anderson Camp Administrator
Zahide Atli Administrative Support
Lina Assad-Cates Guidance Counselor
Priya Shah Ballet Instructor
Naomi Gedo Diouf African Dance Instructor
Derrick Minter Modern Dance Instructor
Shawn R. Nealy Personal Development Instructor
Rosario Lionudakis Jazz Dance
Erika Padilla-Morales Creative Communications Instructor
Giuliana Blasi Group Leader
Sheila Coleman Group Leader
LaKiesha Golden Group Leader
Dave Abrams Group Leader
Yejide Najee-Ullah Group Leader
Madiou Sao Diouf Accompanist, African Dance
Darian LaFoucade Accompanist, African Dance
Frederick Harris Accompanist, Ballet
Dr. Lloyd Arriola Accompanist, Ballet

For an inside look at 2011 AileyCamp in session June 27–August 5, 2011, go to the Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp Diary for photographs, student work, and more.

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