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Academy of Contemporary Art, University of Tromsø, Norway New Master Programme:Master in Contemporary Art

Thematic Field 2012-2013: Sustainability/Capitalism/Art

Application deadline:
15 September 2011

The Academy of Contemporary Art is located in Tromsø, Northern Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle. Since its early days, the town has served as a focal point in the culturally diverse circumpolar area. In this setting, the Academy of Contemporary Art aspires to develop new forms of artistic practice with a focus on place, context and identity. Insight into cultural, social and ethnic disparities increases the potential for a sustainable practice of art. The understanding of the historical division between nature and culture—human ecology—is emphasized.

The profile of the Academy serves as the fundament for the Master Programme and the key values are artistic integrity, sustainability, critical awareness and responsibility. The aim to cultivate these qualities is reflected in the organisational structure and pedagogical groundwork of the Academy.

The Master Programme aspires to create an environment in which the students develop abilities to investigate Thematic Fields. Thematic Fields alter for each Master Programme and are related to the specific context of the Academy in Tromsø as well as the global, critical discourse. The purpose of the Thematic Field is to serve as theoretical, discursive and artistic fundament for the Programme. It should also serve as a basis for selecting a group of students that is highly motivated for the Programme, and that together can achieve an advanced level in research, theory and artistic approach.

The Academy of Contemporary Art at the University of Tromsø recognises the importance of Self-organisation as a tool to develop alternative ideas and structures based on openness, respect and responsibility.

Admission requirements:

  • A completed Bachelor in Art, or equivalent education at university or college level.
  • Accepted portfolio including documentation of earlier works/projects and a presentation of work/research in progress and listed documentation, format, technique, materials, production year, title/description
  • Approved copies of education
  • Accepted study objective
  • A text (2 pages) articulating the applicants’ expectations to themselves, the student group, the Thematic Field and the Academy.
  • The application should also contain a research objective that unfolds the specific areas of research that will be investigated in the Master Project/Self Defined Research.

Passed admission, interview focusing on:

  • The applicant`s interest in the prevailing Thematic Field.
  • His/her motivation to attend this specific programme.
  • Ability and interest in actively participation in a group.
  • The Master Programme is established to attract individuals who want to develop their artistic capabilities within a discursive and collaborative framework. It requires that students must demonstrate a considerable degree of independence as well as skills of orientation, articulation and project management.

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