The University of California Institute for Research in the Arts supports embedded arts research through critical exchange

Institutional overview

UCIRA has undergone a series of transformations from its inception in 1987 as an Intercampus Arts Exchange Program to its current incarnation as the only state-wide Multi-campus Research Program dedicated to the support and promotion of arts research throughout the UC system. Each phase in its development has involved an expansion, not just in the level of institutional support from UCOP and in the scope of its programmatic responsibilities and sphere of action, but also of the conceptual framework in which the arts and their role in the world’s largest public research university are defined and understood. With more than 1000 UC artists/researchers currently employed, the UC system is home to the largest group of nationally and internationally recognized artists anywhere in the world. UC is also a leader in interdisciplinary practices linking research in the arts and science, arts and technology, arts and the environment, arts and digital media, and arts and the public sphere. UCIRA is well aware that this system-wide strength requires a centralized support structure in order to promote research excellence, knowledge exchange and enhance the public profile and visibility of research taking place within and across the system.

Due to budget cuts, UCIRA permanently ceased all program operation on June 30th, 2015.